My contemporary landscapes capture the spirit and mood of a place through a lush palette and rich textures. They aren’t meant to be accurate illustrations -- when I paint a scene I freely change the light, color and physical layout to heighten the mood. In the end, it all boils down to my love of color, and of nature, and the pure joy I get from sharing these twin loves in paint, pastels or inks.

Mixed Media Abstracts

There are colors that I am deeply drawn to that I don’t get to use very often in landscapes, including a spectrum of vivid oranges and reds. These colors form the dominant palette in my abstract work, which also incorporates metal leaf. I rub the metal leaf in by hand, working it into multiple layers of pigment -- a rewardingly tactile experience compared to working with a brush.

Marcia Crumley Art

450 Harrison Ave, Studio 225

Boston, MA 02118


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